Congratulations Regina and Cora, you’ve done it. You have broken Snow White. You’ve taken both parents from her, you’ve had her hunted, you’ve had her friends killed or imprisoned, and you’ve taken her family from her. She never got to see her mother fret over a gray hair, her parents never got to see her get married, or hold their first grandchild. And neither did she. She never got to see her baby’s eyes, never got to see her first steps, or hold her tight after a nightmare. She never got to live the life that she has spent years working towards. All whilst remaining good and true. You have ripped her from everything she has ever loved. 

She has lost more than anyone. So congratulations, you’ve broken her. You’ve won. Bask in it, because once her daughter gets back into town and sees the pain you’ve put her through, this win will be nothing compared to the justice you will serve.