Can I talk about this just for a second though? Look at what Mary Margaret is saying. Why would anyone give me away. Henry was adopted out, given a good life—he’s her reference/example. But she doesn’t even realize the weight of what she’s saying, in reference to Emma’s life. For Emma it should be, why would anyone love me so little that they’d dump me on the side of the freeway? Why would someone hate me so much that they’d leave me to die… And we see how much this hurts her, when she talks to Henry about it later in the pilot, how much it defined her. But now look at what she says in Lady of the Lake. Her pain goes even deeper and we finally, finally, get to see that. Yes she’s angry that they left her abandoned but underneath all of that is that little girl who cried herself to sleep each night because everyone else had nice Mommys or Daddys, who tucked them in, or held them when they cried, or made them food, or showed them even the slightest form of love. She lived her entire life on her own. And that  is more painful than any cruelty of giving her away.